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Task management
  • » Estimation
  • » Project Planning
  • » Task Monitoring
  • » Time & Expense
  • » Project Health Monitoring
Resource management
  • » Attendance
  • » Leave
  • » Recruitment
  • » Appraisal
Smarter Workflow
  • » Easy Approval & Better Communication
  • » Minimum Training & Adoption time
  • » Employee Location Tracking
  • » Time & Expense Tracking
  • » Project Health Monitoring
Predictive Analytics & Recommendation
  • » Recommendation Engine
  • » Data Gathering
  • » Simplest Feedback
  • » Report Analysis
Know OPTIMORE In-depth
  • » Trouble managing tasks with complex workflow
  • » New Task estimation & lack of visibility of deadlines
  • » Managing Mid-project adjustments
  • » Lack of project management practices
  • » Tracking remote team members
  • » Poor communication between teams
  • » Workload monitoring for team & individuals
  • » Knowledge sharing among team members
  • » No single source of truth
  • » Easy approval and better communication process
  • » Easy to use and build to cater exactly what you need
  • » Easy evaluation of employee activities
  • » Minimum training & adoption time
  • » Much cheaper than heavy duty BPM softwares
  • » Real time visibility with proactive notifications
  • » Realistic estimation of project time & cost
  • » Data driven recommendation & advanced analytics
  • » Easily map the project flow and the project tasks
OPTIMORE Action & Insights
Agile Task Management

Extremely flexible and Agile in nature which can fit into any industry functions.

Master Workflow Management

Configurable workflow Management to cater all types of business scenario.

Smart Search Facility

Always have an eagle's eye view on thousands of tasks involved in a project.

Work At a Glance

Smart Dashboard to view quick highlights, reports, work status and To Do’s.

Resource Management System

Track resource availability, allocation & Workload distribution for better resource management.

Collaborative Work Environment

Every team member can see what’s happening which ultimately improves team communication.

Smart Alert & Notification

Get notified about your daily, upcoming and pending tasks with deadlines whenever required.

Effort & Cost Estimation

Integrated Smart analytics helps you to estimate cost & effort needed for upcoming project/operation.

OPTIMORE Objective
How it will Help You in Task Management?
Automate Your Workflow

Track, monitor and set up tasks with ease and finesse.

Manage Your Task

Quick analysis at your fingertips out of your selected data.

Analyze Your Data

Eliminate all loopholes of your existing work flow & increase productivity.

Future Recommendation

Smart and data driven recommendation from your present organization data.

Choose Installation Options for Your Task Management Software

On Premises

  • » Can be installed on a PC/Laptop/Server/Virtual Machine having 1 GB RAM only
  • » Ability to run on Linux/Windows
  • » Access within your intranet or make it live on internet
  • » Use single sign-on facility to make your life easy with our task planning software
  • » No extra license procurement required for installation prerequisites

Cloud Hosted

  • » Opt for any cloud vendor, no matter
  • » Can be easily installed on VPCs and Bare metals
  • » Works with minimal installation images with this project tracking software
  • » Installation can be performed using CLI (Shell or Powershell) also
  • » No license cost needed for installation prerequisites
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